February 12, 2019 2 min read

vegan breakfast sliders

I was scrolling through Facebook the recently and noticed this great looking recipe for sliders. At first I was hoping that it was one of my vegan friends who shared it, so it would be something that I could try. I was disappointed to see that it was not one of my vegan friends who shared it, which meant it was not a vegan recipe. My first response was to keep scrolling, but after the initial disappointment faded I realized that instead of just making things that are already vegan, I should be trying to veganize more recipes.

I scrolled back up to find that recipe so I could veganize it, and I had an idea of making it a breakfast slider. Whenever I make a breakfast item I like to include tofu scramble, partly because it has a lot of protein and vitamin b12 from the nutritional yeast, and partly because I just love tofu scramble.

The recipe is fairly simple, just take a package of bread roll, split them in half or cut them if they aren’t already precut. From there all we need to do is add some great vegan meats, veggies, and vegan cheese to the middle, melt some better over the top, and bake it all together.

Feel free to continue this idea and make your version of this slider recipe, and follow The Vegan Sage on YouTube if you enjoy it! Check out the recipe below!



Slider Buns Tofu Scramble

Vegan "Soyrizo"

Roma Tomatoes

Vegan Cheese Slices

Olive Oil or Vegan Butter




1. Place the slider buns in a baking tray

2. Add tofu scramble, vegan "soyrizo," tomatoes, and vegan cheese on the bottom patty

3. Place tops of buns on top and add vegan butter and pepper

4. Bake for 20 mins. at 350 °F

5. Serve and enjoy


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