About Us

The Vegan Corner was built with the intention to empower vegans from all backgrounds and walks of life. We noticed that people had a common stereotype in mind of what a vegan looks like and so we wanted to debunk that stereotype. We want to show that not all vegans look the same and that we all come from a variety of backgrounds.

We offer a wide range of vegan clothing and accessories so that veganism can seem more approachable by other people. We have various items for vegans to choose from so they can express themselves, whether that’s through a shirt, a mug, or jewelry. With veganism becoming more popular means that we all have different styles and have certain ways of expressing ourselves. This is why the Vegan Corner believes in activism through expression.

We believe that by expressing ourselves with vegan clothing and accessories, that we can encourage and empower other vegans to take more pride in their lifestyle. We also believe that seeing more vegans represent their lifestyle will help to encourage future vegans to feel more comfortable going vegan, by seeing that the community is larger than they thought.