Our Promise

the vegan corner promise


10% of our profit is donated to fight for animals.

We are believers that the future is vegan, and our store's hope is to get there as fast as possible. That is why we choose to donate 10% of all profit that our store generates to non-profit organizations dedicated to animal rights.

We have wanted to help animals for a long time, which is one of the reasons we went vegan. Animals cannot defend themselves when they are confined and trapped, and unfortunately, they have no rights. We want to help create a world where animals are not viewed as commodities, and only valued by how much their body can be sold for. Our way of helping is by donating to current non-profits that are already working hard to bring positive change to animals lives, along with encouraging vegan messages through our clothing and accessories.

A vegan world would not only create a better world for animals, but for all of us. We have learned how poorly the workers are treated in slaughterhouses, how meat based diets have contributed to the largest health issues in our society, and how much damage the meat industry does to the environment. By encouraging veganism and fighting for animal rights we hope to encourage a kinder world for all.